Packaging Solutions

Cousins Packaging manufactures a full line of stretch wrap machinery that includes semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrappers as well as custom systems. We make every machine in our North American facility and ship our products worldwide. The warehouse equipment and material handling industries recognize us as the innovator of exclusive technologies such as the A-ARM, which utilizes a patented,unique cutting and stretching mechanisms.

Advantages of Partnering With Cousins Packaging

pk10开奖结果直播查询Our legacy of advanced wrapping technology and dependable customer support goes back to 1990. We built our reputation through these benefits to our customers:

  • Versatility: We deliver fully automatic and semi-automatic wrapping solutions in a wide range of models and design options. 
  • Affordability: Our team uses common-sense design to develop machines that provide effective results at an affordable price.
  • Custom manufacturing: Customers in need of a specialized wrapping system can request a custom-manufactured machine.

Learn More About Our Semi and Fully Automatic Wrapping Machines

Discover why industries in need of pallet wrapping rely on Cousins Packaging for innovative technology. Please call us at 888-209-4344 or contact our staff online for more information about our products.

Turntable Automatic

Both platform and fully automatic in-line conveyorized turntable systems provide superior safety benefits and labor savings.Since platform automatics perform the entire wrapping process through a remote device, the operator can stay on their forklift during operation. As a result, stand-alone platform and conveyorized automatic turntable machines suit applications that require high throughput and may require integration with palletizing systems. They also have an affordable price for the level of effectiveness they offer.

Turntable Semi-Automatic

Semi-automatic turntable wrappers can accommodate a wide range of wrapping requirements. At the most inexpensive price range out of our machines, these models can handle complicated loads and unusual dimensions. They excel in applications involving pallet jacks and forklifts, especially with lower production facilities and complex loads. We can customize your turntable machine to meet your needs for load size and environmental standards. Each of our semi-automatic turntables features a strong warranty and top-quality customer service support.

More Solutions

Cousins Packaging also introduces the Pilot Stretch Wrapper, an affordable, durable & easy-to-use pallet wrapping system, completely manufactured and assembled in North America.

Rotary Arm Automatic

pk10开奖结果直播查询Like their turntable counterparts, rotary arm fully automatic stretch wrappers decrease labor costs and improve operator safety. They are available in non-conveyorized stand-alone floor loaded machines and high speed conveyorized systems. In comparison with a fully automatic turntable machine, an automatic rotary arm wrapper works well for lightweight/unstable loads, very heavy loads, and wet or washdown environments.

Rotary Arm Semi-Automatic

When you need to perform wrapping with precision, a semi-automatic rotary arm wrapper gives you added control and affordability. We engineer time-tested designs that optimize your stretch wrapping at a more accessible price point.Our semi-automatic options can handle medium to high volumes of loads at various wrapping speeds.

Pilot Stretch Wrapper

pk10开奖结果直播查询We offer the Pilot Stretch Wrapper, a unique and affordable,North American made solution to pallet wrapping. Intelligent controls, rugged engineering and quality design lead to an unparalleled stretch wrapping option.

More Pallet Wrapping Solutions

pk10开奖结果直播查询Our catalogue includes solutions for specialized applications such as wrapping windows,doors, rolls and beer pallets. We strive to provide common-sense solutions for your company’s wrapping processes.

Cousins Packaging is currently open for business and fully stocked. We are also well positioned to meet the anticipated demand of our loyal customers when the economy is back up and running.View Our Machines